Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moodinalum thirandhalum

A very very very rare melody from J P Chandrababu - K Jamuna Rani duet from the film Kumara Raja -


  1. I first time listened to this song, few days back. Very different song from J P Chandrababu. I have it mp3 format.

  2. I would like to hear the song or the actor movie wherein the song is a happy go lucky song which i have heard in a marreiege procession in Pondicherry though i am an north indian i liked the tune on the band, it was quiet enjoyable, i think it was a gemini hit and Ajajo and Andade were wthe keywords i remember, the song was on a drooling note and what i recall was from a tamil hit film where in the hero sings the song in a marreige after the herione is going to get married i guess. I have heard that the song is a frequent hit with bandwalas who play in marreiges frequently please give some link i would like to listen to the song live on the net wordings, keyword, film name will do

  3. Dear friends,
    Thank you for your kind gesture in posting your comments.
    Dear Sri Suhani,
    I find it a little difficult to trace out the song you mention. A little more clue would help me short out the song. Was it in a happy mood, did it contain chorus voices, was it a lady voice or male voice. Some kind of clue may help in finding it easily.